Doing business in Norddjurs

Situated on the nose of Jutland lies the Municipality of Norddjurs, the most beautiful place to visit and do business in all of Denmark.

With our close proximity to Aarhus, the second largest city and growth centre in Denmark, and our well-situated industrial harbour in Grenaa close to the international shipping lines, Norddjurs is perfect for doing business in Denmark and beyond.

Service hubs for overall green technology

The municipality of Norddjurs has a thriving business environment due to our close cooperation with local businesses and global partners. In Norddjurs you find well-situated industrial areas which serve as service hubs for overall green technology projects and businesses with a high level of expertise in facilities, engineering, manufacturing and overall on- and offshore projects.  

Focus on creating solid growth opportunities

Our focus is to create solid growth opportunities for our business community, including tourism and the various attractions in the area. Besides high-tech businesses, heavy industry, entrepreneurs, craftsmen and other representatives of creative industries, Norddjurs´ business community is also highly engaged in the wind power industry and overall green technology projects.

More about doing business in Norddjurs

The Municipality of Norddjurs is part of the intermunicipal business cooperation Business Region Aarhus, which counts 11 municipalities in Eastern Jutland.

Business Region Aarhus works to create synergies in the municipal and private business development efforts in Eastern Jutland.

Read more about Business Region Aarhus through this link (external link)

Establishing a business in Denmark.

In Denmark, companies can benefit from an easy plug 'n play registration and be ready to do business within a few hours through Business in Denmark (external link).

Establishing a business in Denmark is both cost and tax efficient.

Key advantages when setting up a business in Denmark:

  • Quick, informal and cost-efficient establishment procedures 

  • Online registration of new companies means you're ready to do business within a few hours 

  • No notarial deeds 

  • Danish company law is in conformity with current EU legislation

On-line registration: A new company can be incorporated and ready to operate within a few hours by using the on-line electronic registration system provided by the Danish Business Authority

Paper registration: A traditional paper registration of the company may still be used but registration will usually take two to three weeks.

Business Norddjurs can offer you free advice in setting up or expanding your business.

The professional Business Services of the Municipality of Norddjurs offers professional guidance and advice to businesses in various areas such as start-up processes, network groups, courses, lectures, after-hours meetings etc..

You can read more about Business Norddjurs through this link (external link)

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